M.A.Y.O. = mind all your outsides

M.A.Y.O. is the most anatomically magnificent beast to have ever walked the earth. First depicted in the ancient carvings of the Austronesian peoples of Papua New Guinea, M.A.Y.O. is legendary for having the strength of ten thousand wildebeests, the sight of a silver fox, and cheek bones even Kate Moss would die for.

M.A.Y.O. has captivated enthusiasts worldwide with its otherworldly music videos and short films which have played internationally on television. MTV took notice and crowned M.A.Y.O. with an MTV Movie Award in 2008. Sightings of M.A.Y.O. have decreased in the past year as M.A.Y.O. is now working on feature films along with music videos, gallery work and commercials.

Although we may never know if this awe-inspiring creature is beautiful or ugly or so ugly it’s beautiful, we are beginning to understand the secret behind M.A.Y.O.’s work; its aesthetic is one part magic, one part bold, half a cup of delicate and a dash of eerie.

M.A.Y.O. is Dan Scott Goldstein and Priya Sanghvi.